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BCS will assist your company in making the right Information Technology Decision by:

  • Evaluating company computer needs
  • Developing Implementation Plan
  • Scheduling a realistic Project Time-line
  • Presenting cost effective alternatives without sacrificing quality

Consulting Practices

  • Network Installation
  • Make arrangements with vendors for equipment
  • Inventory and determine condition of new equipment
  • Configure and test functionality of equipment
  • Review equipment function and maintenance with users
  • Computer Forensic Science

Training Procedures

  • Develop effective lesson plans
  • Schedule users to be trained
  • Assess users knowledge before training
  • Provide Instruction
  • Evaluate trainee

Troubleshooting Policy

  • Maximum 24 hour response to emergency crisis
  • Reachable by phone during weekdays 7 am to 7 pm
  • Reachable by phone during weekends and off hours on an emergency basis
  • Analyze possible problem cause and effect
  • Establish temporary method to continue the workflow if problem is not immediately solvable
  • Develop solutions to correct the problem and implement corrective measure